About Us

This little soap shop started in 2019 as a promise to find and create a better bar of soap with natural ingredients, and a healthier option, for the most important part of our everyday cleansing routine.  Bentonville Bubble co is a company that champions itself on self-care and self-love.  

Bentonville Bubble co is a women-owned business.  Our soaps are made from scratch by hand, in small batches from formulas and recipes created from nourishing, earth-friendly, ingredients, invigorating fragrance options, and creative expression. Each bar is different and unique, handcrafted and cut by hand.

Bentonville Bubble co celebrates equality, love, women empowerment, and racial justice.  We are excited to share this experience and the growth of this little soap shop, and we appreciate all those who have helped and give us support along the way. We hope we will continue to grow and learn.